Personal and business training on local culture, customs, etiquette and language

Learn and thrive in Taiwan

Explore the rich tapestry of Taiwanese culture


Gain insights into Taiwan’s heritage, history, and religions.



Get to know local traditions, including giving and receiving red envelopes.

Comprehensive introduction to year-round festivals.


Discover the art of Taiwanese communication.


Learn how to greet, dress, dine, and handle formal occasions.


From greetings to shopping, acquire fundamental Mandarin skills.

Embarking on a new life in a foreign land is never easy. Our cultural training is designed to ease this transition by acquainting you with Taiwan's rich history, cultural nuances, customs, etiquette, festivals, and providing essential language skills for day-to-day interactions. We aim to empower you with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate and embrace your new cultural environment with confidence, ensuring a seamless transition to Taiwan.

Our training sessions are conducted by local experts who possess firsthand experience living in Taiwan, coupled with a diverse background of living in foreign countries. This unique blend of experiences equips our trainers with the ability to effectively introduce Taiwan's rich culture to individuals from around the world.

Bespoke training just for you

Group online session

If you wish to learn with friends, our group class is the ideal choice for you. This engaging and motivating session will provide you all with the most enriching learning experience.

1-on-1 online session

In-person session

By encouraging active participation, fostering open dialogue, and facilitating the exchange of ideas, our in-person sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs in a friendly, face-to-face environment.

In these exclusive sessions, you'll have the undivided attention of an expert instructor. Get ready for a personal, interactive learning experience with content customized to your needs.