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How we can support you in your move

General orientation

  • Neighborhood Insights: Explore our comprehensive guide to the diverse neighborhoods in your selected city.

  • Education System Overview: Gain valuable insights into the local education system, including arranging school visits.

  • Accommodation Choices: Discover a range of accommodation options to suit your needs and preferences.


Schools & education

  • Facilitate city and neighborhood selection to align with your preferences and needs.

  • Offer expert guidance on house hunting.

  • Present tailored accommodation options that meet your criteria.

  • Assist in contract negotiation and lease formalization.

  • Customized school recommendations to meet your specific needs.

  • Expert guidance on school applications, including communication with admissions officers.

  • Facilitate school tours for a firsthand experience.

Cultural training

  • Master local etiquette.

  • Grasp cultural norms.

  • Learn conversational language skills.

  • Navigate day-to-day interactions.

  • Gain insights into business norms and behaviors.

Arrival & settling-in

  • Arranged transport to/from any airport.

  • Comprehensive utility setup for your new home.

  • Thorough move-in inventory inspection.

  • Introduction to local amenities.

  • Streamlined local SIM card subscription and mobile phone acquisition.

  • Efficient bank account opening services.

Departure support

  • Support in closing utility accounts.

  • Mail forwarding assistance.

  • Lease termination support.

  • School records transfer coordination.

We love welcoming people to Taiwan and supporting them with a stress-free transition. If you have any specific needs that aren't in our listed services, please contact us - we're always willing to help and we can tailor our services to accomodate your requirements. Contact us for an obligation-free quote.

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